Beware The Walker

There is no doubt about it; Theo now walks. No longer is he a little baby…he is now officially a toddler. Father Time, what have you done? Did you jump forward? Speed up the clocks?!

It started in November. He took his first shaky steps, a combination of shock, fear and pride mingled on his face. It wasn’t long before he was walking slightly longer distances…5, 10 steps at a time, between applauding adults. It was his favourite game for a while. Walk, grin, clap, walk, grin, clap, try to run, stumble, grin clap, walk, grin, clap.

Oh he’ll be running about by Christmas! We said.

Christmas came and went, and he was quite happy to continue doing just those handful of steps. January arrived, and he seemed to lose interest in walking altogether. It was much quicker to crawl after all! And the applause and cuddles had obviously got boring.

The word regression was running through my head a lot, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. I wasn’t worried, because I knew he’d get there in his own time…but was I supposed to be actively encouraging him to walk still when he obviously didn’t want to? Would it put him off? Should I just leave him to it?

wp-1486626181119.jpgThen last week (Wednesday 1st of February to be precise) he did it. I looked up to find him shakily making his way over to me on his own. He looked so happy to be walking by himself, and my eyes immediately darted to the minefield of toys between us. Not soft toys either…oh no. Duplo, Mega Bloks, and other things with hard edges. He must have seen the look on my face because he hesitated. Oh no, I’ve blown it! I thought. But no, that little boy grinned again and carried walking straight into my arms.

It was his paternal Nanny’s birthday, so we went over to see her for a bit of a play before going out to lunch. He spent a good 15 minutes just pottering around her kitchen, grabbing magnets from the fridge and bringing them to us, then taking them back again. There were a couple of little stumbles, but not once did he fall.

His favourite past time at the moment is carrying random stuff around the house. Yesterday it was two chocolate moulds (the ones that look like ice cube trays). Took them out of a kitchen drawer, carried them to the front door, back to the kitchen, out and along to the lounge, back to the kitchen again. He looks so proud of himself when he does it!

How old were your little ones when they started walking? What were the biggest hurdles?


2 thoughts on “Beware The Walker

    1. Thank you. It wasn’t so much a fear in this instance, but more of an annoyance! I was frustrated for him really, so I’m glad he’s finally got there 🙂 Now let the games begin!

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