I Let My Child Cry, and other confessions

chocolate-faceI let my child cry

I let him eat chocolate

…and fast food

Sometimes, crisps make an easy snack

He’s particularly partial to a Jaffa Cake too

He still has twice daily milk from a baby bottle, at 17 months old

…he also still has a dummy

I don’t bathe him every day

Sometimes I shout.

Guess what? None of this makes me a bad parent. He knows he is loved, and when he is distressed we rush to him. He has healthy meals (95% of the time), but also enjoys the odd bit of fun food. He takes a dummy at sleep time and when he’s poorly or upset, because it helps to calm him. He is also at the stage where he is testing boundaries and sometimes pushes us too far.

With the knowledge that nobody is perfect, why do so many parents mount unneeded stress on themselves to make everything just so? So what if your toddler goes out in clothes that already have a bit of food on them? So what if they don’t have a strict routine and aren’t being taught something new every day?

As long as your child is loved, clothed, fed, and has a roof over their head, it doesn’t matter if the rest falls by the wayside. Stop putting pressure on yourself to follow the book and get everything right. Instead, make the most of that time and show your child what life and love are truly all about.


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