The Storm that follows The Calm

So many people talk about the calm before the storm. Some use hindsight as a way to pinpoint the exact turning point; the point at which everything went wrong. Some get that gut feeling which tells them that it’s just too good to be true, and they find themselves anticipating the hurdle. For me, that… Continue reading The Storm that follows The Calm

Motherhood · Musings

One Of Those Got-It-All-Together Mums

That’s what I feel like this morning. One of those got-it-all-together mums that so many of us strive to be, and yet so few of us ever really achieve. I am bad with mornings. I am not a morning person whatsoever. It takes me at least an hour to wake up enough to function properly,… Continue reading One Of Those Got-It-All-Together Mums


Write What You Know: The Trap

When you start writing, you are invariably always given the advice ‘write what you know’. If you are stuck for inspiration, you should write about something you have done or experienced; some gadget that you love; some place you have been, etc etc etc. Is this good advice? Well yes, generally it is. It makes… Continue reading Write What You Know: The Trap


When Life Gives You Lemons…

I actually quite like lemons, but let’s pretend that, for the sake of this entry, I don’t. After all, everyone likes a good metaphor right? [insert disagreement here]. This evening, me and my partner went out. We went out alone, without a child, on a Saturday night. We rarely have nights out on our own… Continue reading When Life Gives You Lemons…